We Specialise in Handcrafting one of a kind Bespoke Fitted Furniture, Made in the UK

Leessa is the joint vision of husband & wife duo A&A, combining their love for fitted furniture items that encompass their love for creativity meets function. Project management also playing a crucial role, ensuring strict design deadlines are adhered to whilst ensuring the client satisfaction is met to the highest standard. Understanding firsthand that your space is important to productivity and relaxation, It is a very personal business to both of them, which filters through to the carefully selected team of people that work alongside them on the projects, evident through the quality of the outcome.

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Aleksander Zdanovs

Director & Co-Founder

The Head of Leessa


With 10 years of vast experience in the industry and multiple companies, Alexander is the driver of Leessa. Alexander heads the logistics and the manufacturing process to ensure all of our orders are done to the highest standard. Originally from Latvia, in 2007 Alexander started his first company in London, which led to opening another 2 successful London businesses in the following years. Through this experience, Alexander has gained a clear vision of how Leesa can flourish through its unique point of difference, ensuring that our clients visions are realised - an integral part with fostering a long lasting, creative collaboration with our clients.

Anastacia Zdanovs

Co-Founder & Creative Director

The Creative Eye

Anastacia comes from a multi-disciplinary creative background with a degree in Interior Architecture and a career spanning 10 years in freelance Graphic Design. She is a well travelled individual who has drawn upon eclectic influences in the design industries of Australia & New Zealand - lending itself to her versatility of finding a common language enabling her to connect with people from a diverse range of cultures. She has decided to start this venture with Alexander to grow a family business together and apply her skillset through communication with like minded Designers and Architects, speaking their language when it comes to projects. Anastacia's role is to be client facing, ensuring that all the client needs are met and the process is as smooth as possible.

Alex Kalinins

Joinery Specialist & Project Manager

The Technical Genius


Since the completion of his degree in Joinery and Hand Carving in 1993, Alex has been heavily involved in expanding his skillsets through running his own businesses and now joining us on this exciting venture together. Alex has an impeccable eye for detail and a vast knowledge in all technical aspects - whatever the complexity of the project may be. Alex approaches each project as a unique challenge, viewing it as a unique opportunity to think outside the square, encompassing his expertise to execute the best possible smart solution tailored to the client's preference. Alex manages our projects and makes sure that everything tracks smoothly from a time and quality assurance perspective of each project.

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Our Workshop Team

Joinery, Spraying & Office 

The Magic hands

We wouldn't be able to achieve any of the wonderful projects without our workshop teams. We are very careful at selecting the members of our team and put a lot of effort into making sure that we have a balanced environment of specialists to execute our jobs. We have a team of 11 people plus our office staff that execute our orders at present and are expanding by the month. We have a Prep and Spray department, Joinery makers, a driver, office admin and marketing staff. We also have our own install team that are on different sites almost every day in the week in London. 

We also have an office Springer Spaniel pup Belka, that serves as both our onsite security and entertainment for when our clients come and visit us. 

Items we make...

Bespoke Fitted & Walk-in Wardrobes / Kitchens / Vanity Units / Alcove Units / Retail Fit-outs / Libraries / Offices / Shelving & TV Units / Doors
& much more... 


Help Choose & Supply Materials

In our experience we have seen that at times it may be difficult to specify or know the correct materials to use in Furniture making, so we support our client through helping them make the right choices of materials and finishes. This allows for us to make their vision come to live, making sure they are structurally and technically sound. We also have a vast library of suppliers that we work with and are able to supply the materials that we will work with.

Hanging Brass Lamps

Lend a

Creative Hand

We understand that at times our clients may need some advice in the design of the furniture and making sure that it all flows well together. Our experience within the industry has given us a few tricks up our sleeves to be able to lead our clients in the right direction.

We are happy to provide this service as a part of our pricing, and work closely to achieve the best possible result. 


Draft our own Technical Drawings

Each client is different and although some are very specific to what they want and are able to provide us with exact technical drawings, that we than tweak after the site survey. Other may need us to draft up the technical drawings ourselves based on their ideas and reference images. For this reason we have an in-house technician that executes this task, to ease our client's communication with their clients.

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