Eco Organic Natural

The AL2 Eco Natural range utilises environmentally sourced materials for your family & home. Ethically sourced and constructed without using harmful chemicals materials, coated with an environmentally friendly water-based coating. This stunning design was developed by the Architect himself for his own residence, utilising all the benefits of Eco Friendly products for his family.


Manufacture, Finish, Install


Architect's Private Residence




Clean and minimal design with a touch of art deco allowed to show off the layered nature of the material used. Simple but with taste.


The pieces beautifully fitted into their surrounding without invading and disrupting the flow of the room and act as tasteful features to complete the design.


The Materials

Tin Tab's Multiply materials are specialist high quality, engineered and ethical products, all with structural integrity, stability and strength.

Materials are sourced from European companies who share TinTab’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing. Both  timber and cork products are harvested from sustainably managed PEFC and FSC standard forests, promoting conservation of natural forests, careful forest management and biodiversity.
The Mocca range uses a baking process rather than harmful chemicals or dyes and the rubber content of the Corkrubber makes use of both natural and recycled rubber.

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