/ Liquid Metal Finish

Make your fitted furniture the feature in the room by using this unique cold sprayable metal. It maintains the visual and tactile qualities of metal without the weight that comes with using metal. It can be sprayed onto any shape and most materials and takes up the form of the item, making it look like it is made out of solid metal. Our professional sprayers can help you create a truly customised & creative look to any given items with this finish, with a wide range of metals and textures to choose from. 


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Manufacturing & Spraying


Leessa Coatings


Launched in 2016

Liquid Metal

Have your Fitted Furniture coated with our unique metal finish in a huge variety of different textured Metals  




You can choose the real metal you would like to use in your furniture fronts or details, out of the following: aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, iron, zinc, stainless steel, nickel-silver & gun metal.


Liquid metal is a cold sprayed real metal finish that takes the from of the object that it is applied onto, whatever the shape of it may be. This means that door fronts can have a fingerless design with a flawless metal finish wrapping around it.


The most amazing thing about this finish is ability to maintain the lightness of the material that it is applied onto. It will visually appear as metal and even be cold to the touch, however it will not have the weight of the metal. It will consist of a layer of sprayed metal of 1mm-10mm.


Any Metal & Texture

you fancy

100% Customisable metals and textures. We can mix colours and textures together to achieve a variety of finishes customised to your liking. We use stencils, have the metal polished, create various imprints of textural materials on the surface and age the metals. Let us create your ideal surface to your personal liking.