NW3 Luxurious Warmth

The SW3 Luxurious Warmth project was an exciting opportunity to work alongside a private client with a very refined taste palate, the design goal being to create a truly one of a kind interior. Joinery angles play an intrinsic part in the overall atmosphere created in the space, with attention to detail of the ambiance created through lighting & colour schemes to achieve a striking decor.


Design, Measure, Draft Drawings, Manufacture, Spray Finish & Install.


Private Client




Eye to detail is the main factor of this particular project. The client

was very particular about the colour scheme and has worked closely with us on making the decision of the construction & materials used in

the project.


Handcrafted to fit perfectly across the whole house & maintain a balanced style throughout. This project involved a lot of sampling of materials & finished after discussions with the client about the exact look & feel they were after.

Everything is in the Details

This project had a lovely combination of materials that really brought out the warmth and coziness of the space. We have used Walnut Veneer with our 3% Lacquer, alongside Marble which created a beautiful background in combination with LED illumination, making the TV unit/Shelving a feature in the room. The Kitchen had a combination of High Gloss cabinets, stained oak elements and walnut paneling. The walnut follows through around the hallway as well as the radiator covers, tying the whole design together as a whole.