SW9 Colourful Victorian

The SW9 Colourful Victorian is a collaboration with Studio Wolter Architects, encompassing a modern take on classic traditionalism. We have completed Stage 1 of the project and are currently working on the Stage 2 of the project, to be completed late 2019. A nod to the Victorian style of the house, the pieces were fabricated to encompass modern accents, making use of unique colours to bring this project to life.


Measure, Manufacture, Finish, Install



& Private Client


2018-19 -


This project has had a lot of technical challenges for us that we had to overcome by thinking of smart solutions & not compensating on the original design ideas.

It included things like complicated drawer systems, work with metal & mirrors,

bi-folding doors and multiple colour matches to come together in a well balanced design.

/The Process



A lot of the items had a playful approach of bi-colour design, which is no issue due to us having our own colour lab.

Metal & Glass 

Working with bespoke made aluminium framing, sprayed in black and custom made mirrors for one of the wardrobes to increase the feeling of space.

Built to Blend In

Multiple items in the project had a concept of blending into their surrounding, through the use of colour and invisible design to match wall panelling with push to open doors.

Colour Match Ability

We have colour matched our finishes and sprayed the furniture items to blend into the wall colours - this resulted in a seamless design.