/ Ultra Matte Diamond Finish

Leessa is proud to be the only manufacturer in the UK market to offer the Ultra Matte sprayed finish. This ultra matte finish differs from other finishes due to its tactile nature, resembling velvet ensuring the surface absorbs all light. This results in a luxurious matte soft finish whilst being the toughest Anti-Scratch finish ever fabricated.  We use it on a range of vertical surfaces in our pieces and it can be added as an optional add-on on to your made to order item.


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Manufacturing & Spraying


Leessa Coatings


Launched in 2018

Ultra Matte.

The One & Only in UK
Scratch Resistant & Smooth to touch




This finish has an EU Child Friendly Certificate, enabling it to be used in spaces for children, completely safe and child friendly.


One of the toughest painted surfaces on the market. Ideal for highly used surfaces such as wardrobe doors and kitchen cabinets.


Another unique feature is that this finish is Moisture Resistant, ideal to be used in wet areas.

Hand Holding Color Swatches

Any Colour 

you fancy

It can either be a clear protective Matte coat on top of a veneer or wood.

Alternatively it comes in any colour you can imagine.

We are happy to provide you with a sample of the chosen colour before specifying it for the project.

The only Limitation-

is your Imagination!

This coating is applied by spray, same as any other paint. So whatever the design you have in mind - we can make it unique by using this finish on top.