Published On: May 3rd, 2022

The Boodles is a modern shop selling British-crafted jewelry with a heritage going back 2 centuries. First opened in 1798, now they have many stores across the country in the most fashionable areas.
We are very proud of supplying bespoke fitted furniture for many Boodles showrooms as this kind of client has very high demands and expectations. This particular project was completed in 2021 in Mayfair, London by Leessa and, like always, we have done something that has never been created in the past. Our furniture was made according to the exact wishes of talented designers and harmonises very well with the interior of the store.
We used a lot of bespoke brass in individual elements and details, which gives the joinery an even more posh and unique look. We also used ribbed wood technique on the counter unit, which was a particularly popular detail in 2021.