Published On: November 3rd, 2023

We’ve recently completed a truly exceptional wine wall, a testament to both its functional elegance and innovation.

This wine wall storage boasts a seamless, high-gloss white lacquer finish all around, complemented by sumptuous velvet drawer interiors. In addition, we’ve crafted an island for added storage and a convenient preparation area featuring a pristine white Corian worktop. This space allows our clients to open and serve wine with ease.

What truly sets this wine wall apart is its advanced climate control system, meticulously designed to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring the wine collection remains in pristine condition.

The high-gloss finish, adorned with polished stainless steel handles and hinges, creates a visually striking and cohesive aesthetic. An illuminated, backlit glass display, complete with bottle pegs, imparts the illusion of bottles gracefully suspended in mid-air. Moreover, each shelf can be customized with a variety of light colors or dimmed to create the perfect ambiance.

The bottom-heavy-duty drawers are nothing short of impressive, with the capacity to accommodate up to four large crates of wine or champagne, boasting an astounding weight capacity of 90kg.

We take immense pride in the successful creation of this unparalleled masterpiece, and we believe it will undoubtedly be a focal point of beauty and function in any space.