Published On: October 16th, 2022

This wine cellar is a perfect example of Leessa’s craftsmanship and attention to details.
Leessa has created this large wine cellar for a client in Alveston.

The room starts on the ground floor of the house and a staircase behind the glass door leads through the wall wine display down the stairs to the main space. This solution undoubtedly makes a unique feature for the house.

The wine cellar’s capacity is 1470 bottles, including 36 cases. The main room and wall display are made of European white Oak. We have placed a tasting island in the middle of the cellar so the client can enjoy a glass of wine with their guests; there is enough space even for a small company of friends.

This wine cellar has integrated climate and humidity control. The controls system is hidden behind one of the units that can be easily moved so the climate system can get serviced.

All these features, combined with Leessa’s precise manufacturing, make this wine cellar a stunning example of our work.